Thursday, February 21, 2013

February TUSAL - IHSW - Themealicious check in!

Hello again from Amman :)

My internet is still as slow as ever even though we already taken the modem to the technical support! So I am way behind everything: blogging, posting-reading-commenting-replying the comments... please forgive me :( Good thing is we found an apartment, will move there next week so I hope the rooftop apartment will get a better signal reception than our current groundfloor apartment :)

This is my ORT jar for this month (obviously with an aura of Valentine's day *wink*)

I didn't sign up for IHSW for this month but I did join in... these are the results:

the second box of Stitch The Green Flip by Lizzie and Kate
Ride A Bike
Stitch The Green Flip

Garden Girl
Garden Girl

Two lines from ABCs Parenting by Lizzie Kate
Busy busy week :)

Figural February
Who are the people in your neighborhood...your WIP neighborhood, that is? Give your people-populated projects some face time this month.

I have finished one project for my daughter teacher (I will give it to her early July when the term ended):

I really love  how it turn out :) Its a simple lovely gift :) I still have one more teacher project on progress for my sister, I am not sure if I could finish in time considering I have so much to do before we move to the new apartment, but we will see ;)

***** many thanks, terima kasih, sağol, شُكْرًا


  1. Great progress on your wips & congratulations on finishing the gift