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I have been familiar with cross stitch since I was very young; my mum was a very keen cross stitcher, she hand stitched most of our house decorations, sofa pillows and table clothes (even for the big dining table!), bed sheets and pillow cases. We have the huge sea sunset scenery that always hanged proudly in our living room no matters we live: Padang Panjang, Indramayu, Kotabumi and now in Metro. I remember every family member including my father stitched some part of it, except me who was too young back then. I learned some when I was in primary school during a crafting lesson (I was quite good for the age but I wasn't interested. Cross stitch is for housewives and grandmas, what an ignorance girl I was!). Then when I graduated from university I tried again because a pattern took my attention (love those back stitches, they don't have it on old style woollen cross stitches that my mother used to make), but I wasn't committed enough, I couldn't finished it until this year, about 10 years after I started it :)

I refounded this hobby in the end of 2011 when we lived in Syria, I joined embroidery club of ICARDA Spouse Group. Even though I only came twice (we lived in Syria for a very short time due to political turmoil), I was very grateful now I have acquired new hobby that I enjoy so much and even found many new friends (hugs y'all dear cross stitchers!). Stitching stirs me away from boredom and feeling lonely because I am being away from family and friends, fills my time while I am looking after my two demanding and attached toddlers.

I gather myself as a beginner stitcher, I only stitched simple and relatively small designs so far. Maybe I will start to do the complicated one, once my younger son goes to school sometimes next year. I still need to learn a lot of finishing techniques and also learn how to use a sewing machine (I need to buy it first! :-p)

I also like to make cross stitch products for family and friends, but sometimes its difficult to choose designs for particular people. Mostly when I saw the pattern that suitable to someone or if she was the first person that came in my mind when I saw it, then I would stitch for her even without being requsted. So just wait for your turn, hope I would find something for you soon... wink ;)

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