Monday, November 5, 2012

Little update after almost 2.5 months absence

Hello... hello... hello...
Its been almost 2.5months I didnt post anything on this blog. September when we were back from Turkey  was a busy month for me, helping my daughter to adapt to her new school (she loves the school!), dealing with my son who was cranky now his sister is gone every morning (poor dear Ali) and looking for a house to rent. But in the end we decided to keep staying in the house where we live since we moved in Amman in February, because there wasn't any certain time when our furnitures and personal belonging would arrive from Damascus (hence confusion whether to rent a furnished or unfurnished house) and there was an issue that my husband would be transferred to another country next summer so if we moved to another house and paid annually we would lose some money. Good news fınally our belonging arrived, we now can use some of our furnitures and I still have a lot of boxes to sort out.

October, another busy and fun month for me, particularly in the end of the month. Just before mid term holiday there was a book week in Dilara's school. She had a great time with Gingerbread man theme, having pajamas story at school and in the end there was a costume day where she wore the costume of her favourite bbok character. She wore Tinkerbell costume and had a tea party with her class.

I came to the school and thrilled to meet the author of Married to a Bedouin: Marguerite van Geldermalsen. I read her book a couple months a go, the story was amazing, I was quite taken by her experiences and her courage.

Right after the end of book week, there was an Eid holiday (Eid el Adha or Sacrifice day) combined with mid term Autumn holiday. We all deserved to have a real nice holiday, besides it was my birthday and a friend visited from Netherland so we all went to Petra and Aqaba (the red sea). We went there with another three families, they are originally from Canada-Ghana, Italian Australian and Tunisian and we are Turkish-Indonesian, quite interesting crowd :) 

the Siq, Petra

In front of The Treasury, Petra

The Amazing View of The Rock Camp (our accommodation in Petra)

The Red Sea (behind us is a town in Israel)

Enjoying (Ali not so enjoying!) Aqaba

me and Dilara. In case you were wondering, I wore a full body swim suit called Burqini which I got in Australia

Ali spent most of the time sleeping but he wanted people to think that he was busy snorkling!

the site of Ayla, an old Islamic town in Aqaba. Behind is Giant Flag of Arab  Revolt against Ottoman Empire

I also took my friend for sightseeing around Amman: Amman Citadel, Roman theatre, Jerash, Dead Sea and Hussein Park.

Jerash, Rome far away from Rome

Jerash is the biggest Roman site outside of Rome

my friend floating in the dead sea

float... float away...

me, dilara and sunset in the dead sea

Al Hussein Mosque, Amman

The Children Museum of Jordan, Amman

Jordan Royal Automobile Museum, Amman

My friend Santi posing with King Abdullah in Cultural Village, King Hussein park, Amman

Temple of Hercules, Amman Citadel

Roman Theatre, Amman

It was fun but very tiring indeed. And my boxes are still waiting to be sorted :(

Now... how about cross stitch? I still managed to do some stitching, particularly early October. I wasn't sure why in September when we were back from turkey I didn't feel like doing any stitching. I spent most of my time reading novels. And the internet connection in our building was awful, it made me less motivated :( I think if I had a better connection, all your encouraging posts and events such as IHSW would keep me going. My husband had been promising me to buy our own connection but he was so busy and he was the number 1 procrastinator (tomorrow... tomorrow... next time... next week and hey its been more than 2 months!). Yesterday I dragged him to the mall and half forcing him to buy the router-internet connection deal. So here I am writing my blog again! I will post my stitchworks in different post :) I hope you enjoy my pictures, its so nice to be here again :)

PS: I have changed my blog address from yanahanimstitches to I think its shorter and easier to remember for my Indonesian fellow. I hope the link to my blog from my follower would be automatically updated. Sorry for inconvenience.

***** many thanks, terima kasih, sağol, شُكْرًا


  1. Yes, the link updated automatically, I found you!!

    Seems like you've been having a great time with your friends and family. The burkini is an interesting idea for mixed bathing, do you wear an ordinary swimsuit if there are just women and children around? Just wondering!!

    Good Luck with the boxes, bet you find some interesting things you'd forgotten about.

    1. Great, thank you Jo!

      yes I do have a one piece swimsuits to be worn when I am going to the gym (the gym in here have separate sections between men and women) and also bikini for going to turkish bath/moroccan bath :)

      I haven't heard anything about my box, I will call the guy soon and let you know ;)

    2. oops sorry Jo when you said box it reminded me the box that I ordered for my cross stıtch. now I get it you meant the boxes from Syria :)

  2. This is a great update post; I really enjoyed seeing all the pictures!! Unpacking is not fun, but I guess it is better than packing, right? When you are packing you know you will have to unpack, but when you unpack, then you are done! =)

    1. Yes heather, its a nice way of looking it :)