Friday, August 17, 2012

Theme-a-licious Altius August and Happy Independence Indonesia!

Merhaba from Turkiye!

We have been in Konya, my husband hometown for almost a week now. We love it, even me surprisingly enjoy it. It's nice to be somewhere familiar. I did a lot of shopping (and will do more in the next two weeks), visited some relatives and stitched a quick project for a friend in Turkey (I will publish it in separate post). Because of those activities so I only able to start my Altius August stitch yesterday afternoon, and this is what I've got so far:

Not too bad eh for one afternoon?
It's my first experience with linen and so far I like it, the fabric is much smoother and softer compared to aida and I think it affected the way how the stitching looked.
My new qsnap that I've received from Indonesia is helping a lot but I changed my mind about making the grid. It's a pain to make a grid on 28ct, I squinted a lot and finally decided not to. Its a good thing that the design is fully covering the fabric so I will keep stitching next to another because I don't think I can count it right if I want to jump several squares.

We will see how it goes, not sure if I can stitch a lot since the lighting in my mother in law's house is not enough for stitching so I can only stitch during the day time, and during Eid we will do a lot of family visits and we also have a holiday trip to Pamukkale :)

and oh Happy 67th Independece Day for my country INDONESIA.

A friend who lives in Brussels, Belgium posted this manneken pis (the famous statue of peeing boy) on her facebook:

When some Indonesians may be offended but I think its cute and promoting :) This (Javanese clothes) is the second time Indonesia clothes being featured, the first was a traditional clothes from Lampung, my father hometown:

This August is also our 6th year anniversary, I want to share some pics from our wedding, one of them my husband was wearing similar clothes with the manneken pis boy :)

left: after our marriage vows 12th August 2006 in Westmorland, Christchurch, NZ
middle: a small family only wedding reception in Metro, Lampung, Indonesia, almost 2 years later
top right: before Indian Style Bachelorette party, a Mehndi might at our students flat, organised by Indian and Middle East flatmates
top left: my first snow June 2006 in front of library at Lincoln University

***** many thanks, terima kasih, sağol, شُكْرًا


  1. Your new stitching looks lovely : ) Your wedding pictures are beautiful! You & your husband are a beautiful couple. You look so happy : ) Congratulations on your 6th anniversary!

    1. Thank you so much Shirlee, sorry it took me so long to reply :)

  2. What lovely wedding pictures. I love your head-dress in the middle one, it's amazing!

    Do you celebrate the traditional themes for Wedding Anniversaries? Most people know Silver (25) and Gold (50) but did you know 6th is Sugar and Sweets?

    1. Thank you Jo, the headress gave me headache :))

      We dont have that tradition but some people do celebrate the silver and gold anniversary. I didnt know 6th is Sugar and Sweet, never heard about it before but I will google it up. I only googled the wedding anniversary stone because I asked for rings. The 6th is amethyst but I chose aquamarine and dusty topaz because I love them :)