Saturday, August 18, 2012

Love Journey - Courting (a Present for Ira) part 2

(you can read part 1 of this post here)

After 3 days in Urfa we went to Ira and Ali's house in Elazığ. Unfortunately on our first morning there we received a sad news from Konya: my father in law's sudden death caused by heart attack :( My husband rushed back to Konya by plane and left us in Ira's house. About a week later he came by bus with his sister to pick us up and drove us back to Konya. On our last day we went to several places Harput, a historic town nearby. 

my family in Harput with my sis in law
before separated in Malatya

Even after I moved to Aleppo then to Amman, once in a while we called each other, and talked regularly (almost everyday!) on facebook and yahoo messenger. When we moved in Aleppo we thought we could meet more often because Aleppo is much closer to Elazığ than Konya. In safer and peace time in past it was very common for Aleppian to crossed the border particularly every weekend and do their shopping in Hatay or Adana, cities which are often visited by Ira's husband for his work. Unfortunately situation got worse, not only we couldn't commute to Turkey but we even had to leave Syria.

So when I saw this design in an online shop in Indonesia, I bought it and asked my sister to send it to Turkey. The kit was already waiting for me when we arrived in Konya so the next day I started to stitch it :) I changed the fabric to aida glitter gold from Yeidam because the fabric provided is not enough if I want to put the wording underneath the pictures.

I also want to share some pictures from Ira and Ali's wedding, so you may know some more about our Indonesian culture. They were wearing Sundanese (West Java) wedding costume which is different than my wedding costume that I have posted here :)

left: one of their pre wedding photos
right: after their Islamic marriage vows (akad)
left: their wedding reception in Bandung, Indonesia
top right: wedding reception in Turkey
I hope you enjoy my post, you can also see other present I made for another friend in Turkey here. Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog today :)

***** many thanks, terima kasih, sağol, شُكْرًا


  1. Thank you again for sharing this lovely friendship & beautiful photos!

    1. Thank you Shirlee for reading and commenting, I am glad you like the photos :)