Friday, May 25, 2012

Balinese Dancers: Legong and Kebyar Duduk

Stitched in Aida 14ct ecru, DMC threads, size 20 x 25 cm each
The kit was bought in Indonesia (Nov 2011), 
Each of them stitched in Turkey for 3 days (Dec 2011), and framed in Syria (Jan-Feb 2011).

They are so cute, I am partly Balinese (from my mum) and as Indonesian living abroad these are just perfect for our house!

Couldn't wait to stitch another pair, but have to wait since two kits of Balinese Dancers (Tari Pendet and Gopala) are still in Indonesia, my friend would bring them with her when she is going to Izmir, she would send them to Konya and I have to pick them hopefully when we are going Turkey this summer holiday. what a long journey...

Balinese Dancer: Tari Legong.

Balinese Dancer: Kebyar Duduk.

I was so happy when I found the frames. At first I asked the shopkeeper if he got oval shape custom frames, he said NO. And then I asked him if he could make the backdrop paper in oval size, he was unsure and said he may asked another shop who can computerised cut the paper to different sizes and shapes. While I was waiting for my friend to place her order, my son was wandering around the shop naughtily. I had to chase him and when I did that I saw a pile of oval frames on a dusty and crowded corner! Eureka! thanks Ali, hahaha

Now since we are not living in Aleppo anymore I wish I bought another two for two balinese dancer kits that I would make :(

Sadly, now I don't know where they are. My husband was sure he packed them in our car (we were thinking we can put some stuffs in there when the car was being sent to Jordan from Syria). Some people then emptied the car and stored the stuffs in his office, and later on his secretary and assistant packed those stuffs and sent them through Royal Jordanian air cargo to Amman. But when I unpacked them, I couldn't find these two framed cross stitch. I hope they are among our household items stored by a storage company in Damascus. I really want to see them again...

many thanks, terima kasih, sağol, شُكْرًا

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