Monday, December 10, 2012

Themealicious November: I Nail Them All!

Hello... its me again with another belated Themealicious post! Phewww I can't believe after we bought our own connection (using wifi modem with cellular simcard) I still had problem with the internet! The connection was so slow (probably because we live in the ground floor) so we continued using the internet from the apartement (which suddenly got faster on the day we bought our own modem, it drove my husband mad :p). But on the last week of November the connection stopped so we had to use our super slow internet. It was so slow that it was impossible to do anything, and it disconnected on the 4th of December when my husband was in Australia and I received an invoice of 52JD. We subscribed for 27JD internet so I didnt want to pay until my husband is back. Last night we sorted it out, apparently they sent a wrong invoice to my cellphone (phewww) and I just found out that if I put the modem on top of TV cabinet it made the connection clearer. I wish I knew it earlier!

Now NAIL NOVEMBER. A lot of happy dance because I successfully finished all my WIPs! Thank you so much Themealicious, I wont be able to do it if it wasnt because of you!

So, as I mentioned in my check in post, I finished Hello Kitty (here the picture again):

Finally I made the backstitch for Margaret Sherry's Furry Friends (I made this during Jumanji June):

I want to make it as a wall hanger (where I can slip some letters or bills or postcard), now I really need to actually buy that sewing machine :)

And tadaaaa.... my masterpiece:

I love this Silvermoon Tea so much, everybody on my facebook likes it even my husband gave me a lot of compliment (its for his sister after all :p). Cant wait to start sewing the beads, but couldn't do it until I go to Turkey this end of the year because my sister in law (who live in Turkey) bought the Mill Hill beads for me when she was in the USA. Almost forgot to mention I changed the wording 'Earl Grey' to 'Nuray' (my sis in law's name). NURAY is Turkish name (derivated from Arabic) which means The Moonlight :)

Last one, I stitched the name of the baby boy:

Will post more details on each project once I've got them framed or sewed into something :)

Now Delightful December
The holidays are a time for least, that's the theory! No stress on whatever you want and enjoy!

Its getting cold and rainy more often in Amman I don't feel like going to the shop to buy the threads that I need for a new project. Serkan has been busier lately (just back from Australia and will go again to Afghanistan in a couple of days) its difficult to expect him to take me to the shop and Ali is more active than usual its hard for me to manage him in a market, so I am going to work on a kit that I already have:

 Its a chinese kit and I like to call it 'Winter Clock'. perfect for this time of the year :) I hope I could do most of it before we off to Turkey on 21st of December :)

***** many thanks, terima kasih, sağol, شُكْرًا


  1. Congratulations to your finishes! They look beautiful!

  2. Congratulations on finishing so many projects!! Silvermoon Tea is looking really beautiful...I'm not sure how you will be able to give it away! =) I love the design of the Winter is so sweet.

    1. I know! it would be difficult to give it away but this design suited her more than me and I can visit her house to see it one day I hope it wont be that hard :) Will let you know how the winter clock go on december check in post :)

  3. Silvermoon Tea is gorgeous, I love it!

    I'm laughing at you moving your modem around the room. Our mobile phone reception is so poor at home sometimes I have to give the phone to my son who walks around the room trying to pick up a strong enough signal to send a text!! It's very funny as he tries to reach up high and climb on things!

    1. Jo :) the connection is still bad :( cant wait until april to move to a new house that hopefully get a better reception!